I started to think about public service after I joined the Navy in 2006.  The Navy trained me as an Avionics Technician and gave me the opportunity to see many different places affording me a brief glance of different cultures and panorama.  In the Navy, I met and worked with people of various economic and social backgrounds, people of different walks of life, learning to see beyond our differences to get to the causes and goals common to us all.  I learned to think outside the box, to see beyond the scope of my personal life, and to appreciate the satisfaction and honor of being part of a team that serves and represents the country that I love.

After the Navy, I came back to Maryland, where for several years, I worked various jobs attempting to find my path.  In 2009, I landed a job at the Pro-Bono Resource Center of Maryland (PBRC), a small non-profit that functions as a statewide clearinghouse of volunteer attorneys trained to help low-income clients.  Although not my primary role at PBRC, I supported others in efforts to recruit volunteer attorneys, had a chance to help organize large workshops to help low-income families with a number of issues that affected them.  My experience at PBRC brought me in contact with large number of people, exposed me to the diverse needs of a community, and helped me understand the association and relevance of the legislative process to the community.

"... as Delegate, I intend to solve district-level problems with state-level solutions."

In 2013, I got involved in local elections as Chief of Technology working on the Donoven Brooks campaign for Sheriff of Baltimore City. I interacted with different stakeholders of the community. I went door-to-door; I organized meet-and-greets and other functions, all designed to ensure that members of the community are heard and informed. This was an eye-opening and exciting experience where I learned to parse frustrations and ideas into concrete goals and objectives.

During this campaign, I was introduced to Delegate Cheryl D. Glenn, as a sponsor for her “Classroom to Capital” field trip.  This event brought high school students from the 45th Legislative District to Annapolis to meet and talk with State Representatives and gain an understanding of how the state works.  Delegate Glenn and I later joined PBRC to organize a Foreclosure Solutions Workshop that brought together pro-bono lawyers, banks, and housing counselors who worked together with over 150 families to save their homes.

I later served as Executive Director of the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland (LBCM) under the chairmanship of Delegate Glenn.  In this position, I supported the Black Caucus in efforts to address major statewide problems such as Pre-K suspensions and price-gouging on prescription medicines, among others.

Working in Annapolis, I learned the “ins and outs” of the legislative process.  Working with the Black Caucus, I learned to work with community leaders and legislators to review legislation and analyze the impacts on the communities that we serve.  My time with the Black Caucus inspired me to consider a run for state representative as Delegate representing my home district.

I am a married father of two with visions to support my community and provide meaningful service that will bring positive impact to the community. Over the years, I have built working relationships with State leadership. Using those relationships, as Delegate, I intend to solve district-level problems with state-level solutions.